VOLKSTAAT/ETHNOSTATE: The Greatest Ethnostate ever created: Hitler's Third Reich

Published on Jun 5, 2020
In this video I discuss the concept of an ethnostate, or to use the Afrikaans/German term: Volkstaat. I look at other whites, like the French in Quebec, who wanted their own ethnostate, and were royally screwed over more than once.
If the Boers and other whites want a whites-only country in Africa, then we can do no better than to study the Germans and Hitler and what they did. They created the most sophisticated ethnostate ever. It was designed for Germans only. But it solved all the problems you can imagine. There are many problems we in Africa would run into, which the Germans have already solved in elegant and practical ways.
I discuss problems from labour to economics. I also point out that many lies have been told about Hitler and the Germans and one must ignore these.

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