Teach Your Kids to Stand up Straight and Tall

Published on Nov 11, 2020
Take the most important step toward good posture: Wanting to have it.
"Get enough exercise, get enough rest too - play. Sit up straight at the table. Go to bed early enough. To have good posture, you must have enough rest. Your shoes are important. Choose comfortable shoes with good workmanship. The foundation of good posture is in your feet. Make it a strong foundation. Eat foods which help keep you well. Only a healthy body can respond in the way which makes good posture a habit. But what is good posture? When you stand and walk in a straight line, you don't have to throw out your chest. You can't expect to correct posture defects overnight. Practice regularly. Your teachers and parents will give you encouragement, but the standing tall and walking tall are up to you. Before too long you can walk up to that crazy mirror in your room, and this time the mirror will be surprised. You can be proud of your posture."

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