Yamnaya: Faces of the Indo-Europeans

Published on Oct 3, 2021
The Yamnaya culture, also called the Kurgan or Late Ochre Grave culture, of the late Neolithic and Bronze age Pontic steppe is believed to belong to one of several Proto-Indo-European speaking Western Steppe herder peoples who were ancestral to many modern peoples and who spread Indo-European languages across Eurasia. But what did Yamnaya look like? In this documentary film you can see 3D forensic facial reconstructions of Yamnaya men by the artist Robert Molyneaux and you can learn all about what Yamnaya people ate, why they loved milk, how they lived, their burial customs, how they spread and more.

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Robert Molyneaux
Christian Sloan Hall
Valentyn Kolontai
Map animation by Meta-sight
Bronze age map by Dan Kogosov Cartography

Music in order:
Xurios - Steppe expansion
Altyn Tuu - Altai throat singing
Gargoyle - dance with me
The Whole Other - Ether Oar
Patrick Patrik - Away
doug maxwell - tribal war council
Bark sound productions - in return
kevin macleod - Master of the feast
Aethelruna - Output
Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III
Borg - The Dancing Forest
Khan Kurra - Little dragon
Chris Zabriskie - I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary

00:00 Intro
01:01 Who are the Yamnaya?
02:29 Stelae
03:27 Kurgans
05:16 pre-Yamnaya steppe people
05:46 Yamnaya skull types
06:03 Yamnaya expansion
08:16 Yamnaya phenotype
11:17 Facial reconstructions
13:42 Who has Yamnaya ancestry?
14:29 Warlike people
15:28 GTHIC sponsor
15:58 healthy lads
16:35 Milk drinkers
18:58 Yamnaya diet
20:30 plague
22:04 wagons, wheels, horses
26:27 Outram on horses
28:38 horse sacrifice
29:42 deforestation
31:44 R1b Haplogroup
33:30 Yamnaya women
34:57 the CHG question
42:16 Conclusion


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