Eco-friendly Soap Recipe (cold-process soap making)

Published on Jul 10, 2021
Today it’s back to basics with a simple, eco-friendly cold process soap recipe. The bars you make with it are very gentle on the skin, palm-oil free, and suitable for sensitive skin. Everything about this recipe ensures that the end product is good for you and the planet. Even the mold is a recycled drinks carton, giving waste a second life.

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Printable recipe and full written instructions for this eco-friendly soap recipe:

Lye solution
63 g Sodium hydroxide (2.22 oz)
113 g Distilled water (3.99 oz)
Solid oils (in the pan)
114 g Coconut oil (refined) (4.01 oz)
91 g Shea butter (3.21 oz)
Liquid oils (in the jug)
227 g Light-colored olive oil (8.02 oz)
23 g Castor oil (0.8 oz)

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