Container full of Aborted Babies found in Jewish Doctor's Backyard. Note A.C.L.JEW response

Published on Dec 2, 2020
This video says it all, these people are sick and of their father the devil! And I'm sick of you anti Christian excuse specialists. If we evolved from nothing and life is just random chance maybe the A.C.L.JEW is right on this one, what's the big deal about a truck load of ripped apart babies?. Whether you have participated in this or not we collectively as a society are going to pay for this. We already are, we have lost America, and Europe is on it's way out. And everybody continues to seek material solutions to spiritual sickness. "Close the borders", "white genocide" "make America great again" etc, all the catch phrases, yet we have killed over 100,000,000 babies in the U.S. and nobody wants to talk about it. I am of the opinion that God will not condone society wide sanctioning of homosexuality and child sacrifice. We are in a ton of trouble. If you can stomach it.


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