Humiliati - So Will We | MGS2 Artificial Intelligence lofi losci grim billy and mandy egyptian bots

Published on Oct 25, 2021
One of the final codec sequences for MGS2.
AI Colonel JD Codec Conversation MGS2 lo-fi remix
A.I. claims bots filter out junk information from social media and retrieve valuable truths in order to benefit the human species. Stop The Patriots to liberate America.
American mythology
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schizowave meaningwave vaporwave
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Real schizo hours who up
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Blam Honey
Grim adventures of billy and mandy in egypt nobody theory empty internet
secret snake club king tooten pooten egypt token's mom and grandpa are s3m1t1c
enthusiasm means to be possessed by gods
The Most Profound Moment in Gaming: MGS2 AI Conversation Analysis one of the best arguments for control of the human race by AI, something most science fiction stories never even attempt to do.


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