Parallels of the "White Fragility" cult and the Maoist cultural revolution (By Aaron Kasparov)

Published on Jul 9, 2020
Aaron's original description:

Ideological purity is not bad in and of itself. It is good and right to have the ideological purity to hate the corruption of children, Judeo-Marxism, degeneracy, and White Genocide. This is a video focusing exclusively on the life-cycle of Marxist revolution, parallels between the Maoist cultural revolution and the "White Fragility" cult, and how these "revolutions" always turn on themselves in the end. The Anti-White cultural revolution is part of "The Great Reset" plan headed by the World Economic Forum (who features "BLM" on their website and in all of their videos promoting it). It's just one piece of the larger picture. It must be noted that a major difference between the Maoist cultural revolution and the "BLM" movement is that every bank and corporation is openly backing the latter. Banks and corporations have backed revolutions in the past but never this openly. We can predict where things are going by studying things that happened in the past. Don't get discouraged. I know that it feels like the madness will never end, but it will. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. That is not just a axiom of physics, it's the nature of reality itself. Embrace the chaos.


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