Law of One The Ra Material | Book 1, Session 7 | Jews are from the Orion Group

Published on Jul 6, 2021
Law of One (The Ra Material) Free Human Voiced Audio book: Book 1, Session 7

Text and human-narrated audio (voiced by me!) included. I apologize in advance if I may have mispronounced some words.

As there are over 10 sessions in this book, I recommend viewing them all as a Playlist:

**I do not own this book material**
Please support the creators/authors of the Law of One series by visiting:

Thumbnail: "desert" is licensed under CC0 1.0

Please share and enjoy :)

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I create videos narrating books written about spirituality and ancient wisdom (with text and my personal voice).
I create these videos with the intent of spreading love, light, and spirituality to others at no additional cost.
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