TSMFOF, Appendix 2, 3: Groening Story, REAL Auschwitz, Sept 21, 2021

Published on Sep 22, 2021
Appendix 2: The Oskar Groening “I Saw the Gas Chambers” Story, Peter Winter, Sept 21, 2021
The trial of Oskar Groening, the former SS so-called “Auschwitz bookkeeper” from April to July 2015 attracted much attention and allowed the mass media—and the BBC in particular—to recycle yet another old hoary lie on the topic: namely that Groening had said in a documentary that he had “seen the gas chambers.

Appendix 3: ⁣The reality of life in Auschwitz was—needless to say—very different to these endless “survivor” lies. Instead of being dedicated to the “mass murder” of any-and everyone, the Auschwitz Camp had a large number of facilities dedicated to saving the lives of prisoners--including hospitals, dental clinics, recreational facilities, libraries, and so on.

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