How Republicans destroyed the govt-NORMAN DODD (full interview by Edward Griffin)

Published on Apr 14, 2021
Norman Dodd spoke about the purpose of the making of false Education, also the Non Profit Organizations and how the Republicans have shut the mouths of people that knows the truth. The proof is buried in the Library of Congress.The lies and deceits happened long time ago.
Norman Dodd was hired as Director of Research. That's when they found out the deepest secret of the secret government ruled by the illuminati.

Also the agenda how to involve USA in a war? They must take over and controlled the democratic government of this country.They had advised president Wilson to prolong the war.And also an agenda prior to 1914 of what they called a REVERSION OF LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES . To prevent the REVERSION? They must control the education of USA. But it was such a big task to do. So??? they approached the Rockeffeller Foundation with a suggestion that that portion of education should be considered domestic be handled by the Rockefeller and the international should be handled by the Endowment. They decided that these are the keys to their success of their operation.

And for the The teachings of American history? They approached 4 most prominent teachers of America. And suggested to these teachers to alter the subjects but they were rejected. So the illuminati decided that it is necessary for them to build their own stable historian. So... they approach the Guggenheim Foundation which specializes in Fellowships that if they find a young man in the process in studying for DOCTORATE in the field of AMERICAN HISTORY and if they that they are the right caliber? Then, grant them fellowships. Guggenheim Foundation agreed.

Under that Foundation? They assembled 20. They took these 20 potentials students of American History to London. And there they were briefed of what is is to be expected of them.

Please watch the whole video for full details.

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