Timeline of the ancestry of Julius Caesar

Published on Jun 9, 2020
Julius Caesar was a politician and general of the late Roman republic, who greatly extended the Roman empire before seizing power and making himself dictator of Rome, paving the way for the imperial system.

This video follows his paternal ancestry. The Caesars or Juli's could trace their line from Iulus the High Priest of Rome. Caesar's grandmother could trace her ancestry to the Roman Kings. He therefore had the bloodline of both the Kings and Priesthood.

Originally the ruler was both the King and High Priest, however a confrontation arose over who should succeed Aeneas. It was decided Iulus would gain the Priesthood and the Kingship passed on to another. This is where we get the Kings of Alba Longa and later on Kings of Rome with Romulus being the first.

It should also be known that were infact many Gaius Julius Caesar's over the centuries. There family tradition passed on the same names using Gaius/Lucius/Sextus Julius Caesar over and over again.

A few different branches emerged, originally they were Gaius/Lucius/Sextus Julius Iulus. Caesar traced his linage through the Caesar branch to the Libo branch back to the original Iulus.

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The Trojan Lineage
- Dardanus (Founder of Dardania)
- Erichonius
- Tros (Founder of Troy)
- Assaracus
- Capys
- Anchises
- Aeneas (Leader of Trojan Exiles)

Other notables King Priam, Prince Hector, Paris. Archilles, Agamemnon, Ajax

The Roman Lineage
Ascanius/Iulus (High Priest)
-- Some descendants
Numerius Julius Iulus
Lucius Julius Iulus
-- Some descendants
Gaius Julius Iulus (Consul)
Gaius Julius Iulus
Gaius Julius Iulus (Consul)
Lucius Julius Iulus (Military Tribune)
Lucius Julius Iulus (Military Tribune)
-- Three descendants
Lucius Julius Libo
Lucius Julius Libo (Consul)
Numerious Julius Caesar
Lucius Julius Caesar
Sextus Julius Caesar (Military Tribune)
Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar (Senator)
Gaius Julius Caesar (Governor of Asia Minor)
Gaius Julius Caesar (Dictator)

The Roman Kings
Romulus, Silvius, Alba, Atys, Capys, Capetus, Tiberinus, Agrippa, Aventinus, Proca, Numitor, Rhea


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