The Village In Syria Where They Speak Jesus' Tongue

Published on Jan 30, 2021
Aramaic (2008): In a village in the Syrian countryside, Muslims and Christians live side-by-side and keeping the language of Christ, Aramaic, alive.

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In a remote village nestled in Syria’s picturesque Oalamoun mountains, resides a small Aramaic community. It is one of the last and it is devoted to preserving Aramaic: the language that Jesus spoke.

Protecting this 3000-year-old language has united Malula’s residents: “Christians and Muslims are like brothers in this town,” says local resident Ibrahim Kamar. Whilst Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ’ has revived interest in the language, fears that Aramaic is dying out continue. Malula, where the orphans must recite in Aramaic, is one of the last bastions for a language Mother Superior Savaf describes as a “gift from God.”

ABC Australia– Ref. 4251

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