"May God curse effeminate men" and God punishes those who espouse homosexuality

Published on Apr 16, 2021
http://en.a9.com.tr/ Adnan Oktar: Our Prophet (saas) says; "What I am afraid of the most for my community is what the people of Lot did." In other words he says, ‘what I am afraid of the most for my community is homosexuality.’ They are trying to destroy the Islamic world by means of homosexuality.
And Our Prophet (saas) says in the hadith books of Al-Hakim and Al-Bayhaqi; "If men are content with other men, my community will perish.” Men with men. Do you notice the misogynistic mentality here, the hostility towards women? They oppose women who wear revealing clothes and put on make-up, who do not wear headscarf. They do it with all their might. But when it comes to homosexuals, they applaud and encourage it. They despise women, the pure, beautiful creations of God with all their hearts. Such people oppose women everywhere, even in traffic. Some of them go a step further as they are even against women driving. The Messenger of God (saas) says; "When homosexuality, the deed of the people of Lot becomes widespread, God will remove His protection upon the homosexuals and those communities that consider what they as natural…" Pay attention here; God refers to those communities, who consider homosexuality normal, natural, necessary and reasonable. "God does not care about in what way they will perish so that they bring about their own destruction. And He punishes them" says Our Prophet (saas). This is written in the volume 4, page 65 of At-Targhib Wat Tarhib. Look, this is established both in the verses of the Quran and the hadiths. God punishes those who consider homosexuality normal as well. In the sight of God, they are regarded the same as homosexuals even if they do not personally engage in such behavior. If they consider it reasonable, necessary or favorable, this means that they share the same mentality with the homosexuals. Our Prophet (saas) states that this will be a sign of the End Times; "When men is content with other men, this means that the Day of Judgment is near." (Ramuz al-Ahadith, 448/8). "May God curse effeminate men" says Our Prophet (saas). (Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Libas, chapter 30; Al-Jaami al-Saghir 2/124) When there are many obvious commandments, many verses of the Quran, many evident hadiths forbidding homosexuality, and even though they can clearly how disgusting it is, how it is against human nature, some people keep on encouraging it. They should be ashamed of themselves. The commandment is quite clear. If you support homosexuality, this means that you are of the same mentality. This means that you advocate homosexuality.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV of April 26th, 2015

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