Serpent Seed Explained Re-Done

Published on Jun 9, 2020
In 1958, a man named William Marion Branham
preached a message entitled, "The Serpent Seed".
Since then, many scholars scoffed and ridiculed him and said that he was a false profit and that he went away from the truth. A nice fellow but he fell off the turnip truck, they would say.

Well, over 60 years have passed and science has now discovered that the idea has merit.
If your new to the idea of the serpent seed, Ill explain.

Eve had sex with an upright, and she was impregnated by him.
She went back to Adam, had sex and was impregnated by him too.

They covered their parts as if to hide the sin.
If the sin were due to eating fruit, they would have covered their mouths.
Eve said to God, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.
beguiled means seduced and eat means partake of.

God cursed the upright and he became a serpent.
God cursed the womb of the woman and cursed the ground for mans sake.

Eve had twins, Cane and Able. Same mother but two different fathers.
Eve had a son Cane, then right away had another son, Able.

Able became a shepherd where Cane became a tiller of the ground.
Both men made an offering to God, Able offered a blood offering where Cane offered the best from his farm.

God accepted the blood offering but did not accept Canes, however, he did say to Cane, if you do the same as your brother, your offering will be accepted. Instead, Cane killed his brother.

A child takes on the characteristics of its father, since Adam was the first man, or a son of God, he shows the same characteristics of him,. Kind; loving; patience, etc. Able was like his father before him, Adam.
Cane on the other hand, was nothing like Adam. Cane was a liar and a murderer right from the start, just like his father. Just like the father of lies.

Jesus said, You can judge a tree by its fruit.

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