Christians and Muslims should stop arguing and focus on their common enemy

Published on Feb 15, 2021
The enemies of Jesus at that time were the Jews, and after God raised Jesus, there were persons who corrupted Christianity.
Allah is Arabic for "The God" and can be seen even in Arabic translations of the Bible, so Allah is not the Muslims God, he is The God.
The Arabic word "Muslim" literally means someone who submits his or her will to the will of the God, the same is true for the word Islam.
Both words derive from the Semitic root س ل م (s-l-m) and are related to safety, security, peace, submission, surrender to God.
So Christians and Muslims who are at this point of time still fighting each other have not understood the message of the Bible and the Quran.
It is very likely that infiltrators and Mossad agents will try to create a division line between the two religions, which makes it easier to spot spies.


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