Teaching Kids Author's Purpose

Published on Aug 13, 2021
“Teaching Kids” is a series I began while part of a homeschooling group in my community ~ each parent contributes a couple of lessons a week, mine are inclusive of English literature, writing, and some history.
While this series is intended for elementary range students, some of the material will be appropriate for older kids. Please feel free to utilize this clip (and others) for your own students at home, in your communities, or simply the ideas therein.
Understanding how to discern author’s Purpose is especially important as kids are often not able to recognize propaganda nor conditioning material in history, literature, and media.
I’d love to see any comments (constructive comments) on how to improve content for my own kids and neighborhood! Please be aware that the vocabulary listed on the screen is not how we left it in class* - the explanations were much more thorough on how the words 'inclusive' and 'diversity' have been Bolshevized. I will be working on more clips to share and those should have more of those explanations in them.


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