Kabbalah and Science: Nothing new under the Sun.

Carl Behrens
Published on Jan 27, 2021
A simple and brief proof that Kabbalah is an evil false serpent religion.

What if I told you that our entire reality has been sculpted around the Zohar and quickened with technology. Much of this is the Canaanite pagan religion that SOME of the Torah Hebrews fell away from when some built idols for sacrifice to the Golden Bull and at times Moloch.

You must understand that the Traditional Catholic faith, as it was unchanged until 1958, is the one true religion of the universe and all others are creations of man, rebellions, and gnostic alike. After all, only the most easily fooled could possibly imagine 1000 years of unchanged Christendom as being insignificant in the trajectory of and integrity of Christianity. Each successive revolution from the Holy Roman Empire has been another step toward AntiChrist or the warrior Messiah of the Jews.
If you are pagan or atheist or any other religion, you are in grave danger. The Father of the Torah is slandered by the Serpent in the garden. Some things never change.

This is a compilation by Shaking my head prod, of Stranger than fiction, Nicholson98, RISE. These or any Protestant views are not endorsed by this channel.

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