Venus & Serena Williams, transsexuals in women's tennis?

Published on Jan 14, 2022
Transgenders are LEGALLY and CONFIDENTIALLY allowed to compete in women's tennis by a New York Supreme Court Sentence of 1977! --see the WTA OFFICIAL RULEBOOK at the bottom of this page. This is regularly ignored or censored by sports experts commenting on the unprecedented physical supremacy of a 35 y.o. player who is known to make the number 2s of the world look like "amateurs"...

In this video you will find a textbook physiological analysis of Venus and Serena Williams, all comparison are WITH BLACK WOMEN AND ATHLETES.

-1.PELVIS analysis (Wider in females for childbearing and childbirth, and how it is clearly reflected in the body)
This is the most reliable sex indicator, and it's used by forensic investigation to determine the sex of a human being.

-2.HAIR BEADS for the boys. (How to disguise masculinity)
You will see how incredibly masculine the Williams looked like during their teens years, when natural male hormones were very active.
Good for them social media and phone pictures weren't there yet.

-3.MUSCLE analysis. (Women have smaller muscle fibers, comparison with black sprinters, basketball and tennis players)
You won't find ANY woman in the world with the muscle mass of Serena Williams, not even boxers. It's important to notice how perfectly balanced and proportionate is her body. Females who build extreme muscles through steroids, always develop a very disproportionate body.

-4.TRANSSEXUAL'S BIG BUTT (Hormone Replacement Therapy induced female shapes, but on a male bone structure)
See how abnormal is Serena's big butt compared to other black females. Also consider that females with masculine body-types exist, but they never end up growing such abundant female shapes, this is a contradiction in terms. It can only happen to transsexuals using Hormone Replacement Therapy.

-5.SKULL analysis. (Size, forehead sloping, brow ridge)
Skull is an important skeletal indicator used to determine the sex of a human being, and it's a confirmation of male gender.

How sex rights made transsexuals legal into women's tennis. At the time of the trial members of the U.S.Tennis Association fear that somebody may undergo sex-change, only to enter women's tennis.

-7.OFFICIAL FAIRY TALE (Logical inconsistencies of the official story)
How Richard Williams, who knew nothing about tennis, became coach and planned the career of his little kids as a way to get rich.
Despite the fact that tennis is well known for NOT being a financially rewarding sports for the great majority of professionals.

If you show pictures of Serena and Venus Williams to people who don't know them, they would immediately recognize their male gender. It's just that the mind is trained to recognize them as the "women's tennis champions", so our perception adapts to our beliefs.

-POLITICAL issues (the Williams have become a major symbol of African-Americans and any attack to them is labeled as racism).
-WTA policy guarantees CONFIDENTIALITY to transsexuals eligible to compete.

-Many comments refer to a natural superiority of blacks in sports.
Please note that this is not basketball or track-and-field, where muscular explosiveness is known to give a big edge. Flexibility, speed, balance are very valuable in tennis. Players can't normally afford to build their muscular mass to the maximum. Also the huge under-performance of other black tennis players compared to the old Williams, clearly denies this explanation.

-Only the most reliable sex indicators are considered, but it's important to look at them together. While it's possible to find exceptions when looking at a single element, the fact that ALL of them are coherent and very typical of male gender, is what makes a very strong case.


Eligibility (page 24)
4b. Transsexuals
Any individuals undergoing sex reassignment from male to female
before puberty are regarded as girls and women (female), while
those undergoing reassignment from female to male before puberty
are regarded as boys and men (male).
Individuals undergoing sex reassignment from male to female after
puberty are eligible for participation in WTA Tournaments under the following conditions:
i. Surgical anatomical changes such as gonadectomy have
been completed, including external genitalia changes;
ii. Legal recognition of the female gender has been conferred by
the appropriate official authorities;
iii. Hormonal therapy appropriate for the female sexual assignment
has been administered in a verifiable manner and for a
sufficient length of time to minimize gender-related advantages
in sport competitions; and
iv. Eligibility should begin no sooner than two (2) years after
In all instances, a CONFIDENTIAL case-by-case evaluation will occur.

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