Guy goes undercover and interviews Sodomites at bar : WARNING - VERY DISTURBING

Published on Dec 11, 2021
faggots ARE 2% of the population but commit 45% of SEXUAL ASSAULTS ON CHILDREN. . this video reveals that almost all faggots are faggots because they were raped / molested by other faggots. this is thee army of sodomites that the bible mentions. also, if the rape occurs between age 2-3, they are under MK-ULTRA style mind control for the rest of their lives, with continued rape. (deprogramming can work) A faggot can tell who has been raped at age 2 - 3 and can trigger them to be submissive sex slaves with very simple advances. The same applies with hetero anal; rape at the same age. this is beyond horrific. please only watch it if you think you can handle it. #triggerwarning #killsodomites
interesting link from interesting website on the topic, check other info on this website. learn about the KEY OF DAVID and all that sons of the devil shit (they / you( prolly) call them Jews - a label they stole from elsewhere) it is interview with the religious so this interview may contain reLIEgious dogma, depending on how you view reLIEgion.
BTW im the most far you can get from atheist, I just don't support organised religion, especially ones that support paedophilia
thee creator of this is ggina


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