Jordanian Prof.: Jews Rule the World; We Have to Say “Zionists” Instead of “Jews” Or They Cancel Us

Published on Apr 17, 2021
Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal said that the Jews rule the world and monitor every word that is said, therefore “Zionists” must be used instead of “Jews,” but there is no difference between them. He made these remarks on a show that aired on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) on April 2, 2021. Nofal said that while it is permitted to curse Muslims, if anyone says a word against the Jews they will be canceled. He continued to say that the Americans annihilated 140 “Red Indians” and 40 million Africans so that “America could become America.” Nofal also accused the “Zionists” of harvesting organs from Palestinians and planting diseases in them, while they are under anesthesia.


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