Rabbi E David Smith shills for 45 000 shekels in donations to stop the CDC ruling- Nothing will not be subverted and infiltrated

Published on Jan 25, 2021
The stupid goyim will donate to grifters selling copium.
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I have personally donated significant funds, each to their means. I will ask Rabbi Smith, who is also a lawyer and studied microbiology at UC Berkeley, to do a longer video but PLEASE for the sake of our freedom. READ THIS CONTENT. viewable in web at https://mailchi.mp/c77cda98f475/thanks-for-rallying-for-freedom-in-woodmere-3611390?e=50c2a75be4
1) The CDC is acting above the law where unelected Government Bureaucrats are making decisions for you.
2) The real threat is not Covid (there are cures) but from governmens having power over every aspect of your life.
Medical Martial Law
3) “compliance” is becoming a daily habit, and “resistance” is unthinkable. - take masks for starters - they are becoming routine and forcing people to act submissively.
4) Covid is a Propaganda War – self-serving politicians and bureaucrats quickly grabbing unprecedented (and unconstitutional) powers that would have been unthinkable under any other circumstances.
5) Your doctor or spiritual probably doesn’t realize what they are promoting (masks, testing, quarantine, trial vaccine) SUBMISSION!
Global elites are out to restrict everybody’s ability to TRAVEL – internationally and domestically.
This is exactly what every dictatorship does – and we need only look at Red China, North Korea, and similar regimes to see it in real time.
There has been almost NO opposition or resistance.
SUPPORT the lawsuit to stop this.https://www.passaicclarity.org/donations/donation-2/
The CDC does NOT have the authority to bar people from the United States.

The CDC is using the compliant airline companies, who now essentially exist only because of the good graces of the government financial bailouts. In fact, the airlines are actively lobbying for these rules – thinking that it will encourage more travel and therefore more business.

A United States citizen always has
a right to return to the United States
at any time and in any condition.
DONATE https://www.passaicclarity.org/donations/donation-2/
(I am not associated nor benefit from donations made)

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