Steven Anderson, Pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church angrily calling protesters faggots.

Published on Aug 30, 2021
I created this video because I believe this man damages our society. He does that by teaching young children to carry guns and kill gay people. He preaches it to adults, but in his family integrated church setting all the children are in a room full of men with guns and the leader literally Preaches the words "if we execute the homos like God recommends..." But only if they grow up to work for the government, it's their job, according to Anderson, to kill every single homosexual. Another reason I feel so personally involved in this is because he's doing all this in a neighborhood I call home. I was the person he was talking to when he wasn't calling the other protesters faggots and queer little sissies. I am the one that asked him to come talk for my YouTube channel. I read on the news he said those things and I wanted to hear it for myself and argue for peace with him, well here you go... If the people of Faithful Word Baptist Church fire Steven Anderson I will take my video off of my page, if you keep him then you believe what he believes and should have a new discussion with the Lord about that on your own time.

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