Origin of freemasonry

Published on Feb 3, 2021
[ Reupload - original taken down ]
This document is a copy of one of the heirs of the 9 original founders of the Association.

Jonas (James) Lawrence was killed mysteriously in 1825.

Mr. Lawrence is the owner of this History (the Hebrew manuscript) that I (Awad Khoury) present to the reader translated into Arabic, and he is, at the same time, the last heir of one of the nine founders of the Association (The Mysterious Force).

The secret Association, conceived more than 19 centuries ago, is no longer secret. Was it coincidence? Or was it the hand of God that this history is revealed?

The origins of Masonry have been said to have began with Adam. Other legends say it existed before the creation of the terrestrial globe and was spread through the planets of the solar system.

Others say around the construction of the Temple of Solomon, the Middle Ages, the Caldeans, Rosicrucian societies, and the Templars.

This document shows that Ancient Masonry, “The Mysterious Force,” was founded in the year 43 A.D. and its daughter, modern Masonry, that is called Freemasonry, born in the year 1717. ​​


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