Jeanice Barcelo The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound

Published on Nov 23, 2020
Interview with Author Jeanice Barcelo on the release of her book (PDF) "THE DARK SIDE OF PRENATAL ULTRASOUND", an expose' on the harm and hazards of what we have all been led to believe was a harmless and beneficial technology ... it is not.

We are told vaccinations are "safe and effective" when the evidence and facts say clearly that they are not. We are told cell phones are safe while the small print says "Do not put it less than 5/8 inch from you body." We are told Smart Meters are safe while EMF sensitivity and illness is skyrocketing in homes with Smart Meters. We are told that health concerns will not be permitted to delay the rollout of 5G because there is too much money to be made (Tom Wheeler). We are told that geoengineering is not even real when we can collect toxic aluminum and barium nanoparticles from the air and rainwater. Do you see the trend? Profits and depopulation are the only missions. People's lives and health are no longer a factor in much of our public policy. Outright lying to the public is the norm. Add Ultrasound to that list. This video will open your eyes.

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