The African President Who Exposed COVID-19 and "Suddenly" Died Afterward. [mirrored]

Jesus Will Save You
Published on Jun 10, 2021
Read ALL the essential links below please!
Quotes from above article,
- “The big message is that every lab is vulnerable to having false positives,” Dr. Petti said.
- “No single test result is absolute and that is even more important with a test result based on P.C.R.”)
3. - ‘Kary Mullis explains why his PCR test is not a diagnostic test’ (channel: Clive Richardson).
The inventor himself telling you about the PCR test kits, which ave been used globally to detect CV-19 “infected” people.
4. - ‘Kary Mullis, inventatorul PCR și laureat al Premiului Nobel, despre Anthony Fauci’ (channel: Alexandru Voicu)
5. - ‘Fauci on Cycle Thresholds of the PCR Test "Anything Over 35 is Dead Nucleotides”.
Even the Chief Medical Advisor, to the President of the United States, admits the blatant inherent flaw in the PCR test kits which can give false positive results not by detecting whole viruses, but by detecting just fragments of the viruses DNA, called dead nucleotides.
6. - ‘Corman-Drosten Report’ review by 22 scientists.
The scientists all state, “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.”
I mirrored this entire video from from Youtube channel, which was deleted a few days ago.
But you can find him here on bitchute @ , channel name:
I also changed the title of his video which was originally,
‘Coincidence Theories #1 Three African presidents stood up against WHO in 2020, what followed’.
All credit to for the video.
Late President Magufuli earned his Bachelor of Science in education degree, majoring in Chemistry (PhD). He knew exactly what he was talking about. Thats why he was silenced.
May his soul be with the Lord Jesus.
You can find me (and this video) at / / under the same channel name.

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