Published on Jun 5, 2021
For those that enjoy some of the music I have written:

IN GOD WE TRUST? ... What God are they referring to?
Its easy to identify when you know the difference between written Latin, written English and appearing Sign Language. The question should be: "What language is used on the US FED and its subsidiaries: banking notes, mortgage agreements and banking contracts? in order to know who they really serve.

It is said that banks create money out of thin air but this may be propaganda, banks create a "debt" out of thin air and you repay that debt out of your hard work, sweat equity, being real money. Where did the bank get the money in the first place to lend to you? ... from you, because in modern times, our birthright accounts, being where the mineral and energy mining royalties are deposited, are now huge due to such high international demand for natural rescores, and this vast mineral and energy wealth that sits in reserve is worth trillions, and who owns it? we the people, the birth right to the people born on their own lands, BUT !!! citizenship destroys any form of sovereignty rendering the rights to such vast wealth falling back into the hands of the one that offered the civilian such citizenship in the first place (At birth), being the foreign international banking system...

Millions of people through their ignorance of the satanic governing system, are trapped in citizenship, that is really voluntary servitude (Agreed Slavery) and would the Vatican, the Royal family and their international bankers ever want to give up their deceptive gain over the rights to the mineral energy wealth of the lands? ...... I don't think so, so, this is why the deception was made in such a clever way, just like: Edward Mandell House, put it, "not one man in a million will ever work out the deception and if one does, he will be deemed as a lunatic" It could be argued that the Vatican, royal family and the international bankers are no more than Pirates plundering the treasuries of the people of the world disguised as a NEW WORLD ORDER salvage system... So many will fall for their satanic masterplan of deception...

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