The Biden Ballad (Riggers Delight)

Published on Dec 13, 2020
A very 2020 variation on an old Slim Dusty song.
And yes, that's a voice reveal. Que the helos...
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I'm a rigger from the wrong end where ya gotta know your job
And what to do election day
2 million ballots you bet Ya have to earn your pay
if ya wanna take it on There's one thing that shouldn't be forgotten
Nobody else can do the FRAUD like a rigger from the wrong end.
out on corner sellin the dust, and he asks me if I wanted the job,
Promised they won't see me tossing the votes but I'm on tik tok a fucking retard
But I get a funny feeling in the middle of my back
Asking all thosenquestions should've covered our tracks.
Now nobody else runs faster than the rigger from the wrong end
I'm a rigger from the wrong end
Where ya gotta muster thousands of ballots a day
I didn't do nuttin no matter what the evidence says
It's not the sort of job you'd take if you're looking for a soft one
But ya take a kinda pride in saying, "I'm a rigger from the wrong end."
Well I rolled out my swag 'neath my oversized tee
Worked in the dead of the night
they flew more boxes into town
and the next day in the broad daylight n
no time to dream of what might have been
I'm a dirty vote rigger with Bidens team
I better keep my mind on the job 'cause I'm a rigger from the wrong end. Hey!
And nobody does the job better than a ringer from the top end. Oh Yeah!


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