ISRAEL DID IT! - The REAL origins of the "China" virus. (Hint: It's the Jewish virus my friends)

Published on Nov 3, 2021
Everything is a lie, everything! Only Israel has the motive, history of such operations, and ruthless evil to perpetrate the biggest crime against humanity in human history. It's a near certainty that Gates was filmed having pedophile activities at multiple of Jeffery Epstein's mansions and planes, that much is clear. Reports suggest this relationship existed in the early 1990s. Epstein's was a pedophile entrapment operation run by the Mossad to blackmail political figures and the billionaire class. This is confirmed by Ari Ben Manashe a former Mossad agent. Therefore Bill Gates' activities at Epstein's operation was filmed and Gates was likely under the control of Israel/US intelligence since then. He was directed to direct a massive bio-terrorism program whose purpose was to kill off non jewish populations via bio-terrorism agents disguised as a pandemic and vaccination response. The virus is manmade and NOT accidentally released. It was released by the same group who covertly orchestrated Bio-Terrorism as a methodology to strip the assets of the American people and enslave them. This was a Chinese conspiracy - THIS HAS ISRAELI MOSSAD ALL OVER IT!
This attempt to destroy our society and steal all its assets is a Mossad operation.

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