Posilac Growth Hormone by Monsanto — Kosher Cancerous Gift for Goyim Meat Eaters

Published on Oct 11, 2021
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An episode 'Unsettling accounts' from the series 'The Corporation' reveals the story behind the synthetic growth hormone Posilac and Monsanto whitewashing it.
Plain old type meat was already dangerous to eat. Its decay inside one's body produces many deadly substances that make the body sick and aging much faster. Jews make this already shitty goyim food far more poisonous with their cattle jabs, growth hormones, feeding cattle with corn instead of grass. Whoever shoves their kosher meat in his body, is doomed to cancer and a premature death.
The artificial growth hormone under the brand name Posilac, originally formulated by corporate giant Monsanto from genetically engineered E.coli bacterium, is used to induce dairy cows to produce more milk. Posilac produces an average of 10 more pounds of milk per day. The chemical has been banned by every industrialized nation excluding the US and Mexico.

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