Karl Marx, Lionel Rothschild, Finance Capitalism and Communism VOCI 16 May 2021 (re-up)

Published on Aug 23, 2021
lets try again. some jew has hacked my previous upload of this video !!
Sorry guys, I was wrong. Rothschilds didn’t only fund Marx, but they are related. Hence the Rothschild used their cousin to aid with the murder of the Tsar and his entire family via the Bolshevik Invasion.

Show Notes:
Link between Global Banking a Global communism
Karl Marx was Rothschild 3rd cousin

1 May 1776 Rothschild created Illuminati to attack Freemasonry and then the church
(also it is the birth-date of Communism)

Under The Sign of the Scorpion - Juri Lina https://mega.nz/file/bNMGyL7R#MuA63FbfoOPY11n8Wgadgzqf_nG3czN8ljirgLVwnDQ
17 Rothschilds murdered the Tsar so that he can set up his Central banking system

Marx background
31 Europeans / whites are the only people who figure out the jewish crimes and hence kick them out, this is why the jews hate whites the most

33 jews are Canaanites
40 Rothschilds behind every president assassination (including JFK - correct - since Israel = Rothschild)

MP3 http://eurofolkradio.com/2021/05/16/voci-karl-marx-lionel-rothschild-finance-capitalism-and-communism/
more good stuff at http://eurofolkradio.com/

Some more relatives of the Rothschild – king of the jews (from my pdf)
The following videos provide evidence which confirms that the ruler of the jewish criminal network, is the Rothschild gang of thugs. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1815) stated that their “Goal Is To Win Ultimate Control Of The Wealth, Natural Resources And Manpower Of The Entire World”. In the past 200 years, they have come a long way in achieving their goal.
They own Reuters, AP (Associated Press) & Oxford Uni Press (& much more) thus controlling the flow of information.
They funded the Nihilists via J Schiff.
They own many major companies, a detailed list can be found in the spreadsheet linked below. Including IG Farben (the biggest chemical company – this is why it was not bombed during WW2),
Rothschild are religious jews – MCP 20070328

Relatives / agents include:- FDR, Sassoon, Jacob Schiff, JP Morgan, Woodrow Wilson, Kofi Annan (past UN Secretary-General), George Soros, Bill Gates,
Rothschild funded Cecil Rhodes & Oxford University (MCP20060306)
Rothschild control Vatican money – MCP 20070327
Rothschild funded Papandreou (Greece) source - Dr MRJ How Rothschild took control of Greece in 1974
They are behind all the wars in Europe over the past 200 years, including WW1 & WW2. They had a major hatred for the Tzar, who had thwarted their plans to dominate Europe, and hence after plotting for over 100 years, they took revenge on their entire family tree in 1915. The Tzar also owned the largest amount of gold in the word and shortly before Rothschild attacked, & a major oil reserve was found in Russia less than 1 year prior to the invasion by the jewish minions (just like the oil found in Cyprus in 1974 just prior to the Jewish Turks invading).
Rothschild defeated Napoleon.
From book ‘the nameless war’ – Napoleon was funded and controlled by Rothschild, until 1804, which is when Napoleon realized he was being used. Napoleon then undone all his work to stuff up the Rothschild plan, consequently Rothschild took down Napoleon. In 1805 the Tsar of Russia then also put a stop to the Rothschild plan. Hence Rothschild plan to dominate Europe, was set back about 100 years, then Rothschild took revenge on the Tsar (source ACH book & Myron talk)

Taiwan break away from China, was by Sasson=Rothschild (MCP 20080414)
Bronfman = Rothschild agents (MCP 20080415)
Al Gore married into the Schiff family, who grew up in Rothschild house (MCP 20080417)
Rothschild married into British Royalty (MCP 20070129)
Bronfman family got their funding from Rockefeller, who in turn got it from Rothschild (MCP 20070206)
MCP confirms that Rockefeller started off with Rothschild funding, & they were involved with the slave trade https://www.ucl.ac.uk/lbs/project/media/
Roosevelts were jews from Spain
Rothschild funded most of the “Young” movements in Europe America & ‘The Young Turks” MCP 20070820
Scofield bible and attack on Christianity was through the scofiled bible which was funded by Rothschild controlled Oxford Uni Press. MCP 20070822
Al Gore’s daughter married Jacob Schiff’s great great grandson (note: Jacob Schiff grew up in Rothschild house) MCP 20070829
Warren Buffet = Rothschild agent MCP 20071115
NATO is a Rothschild construction MCP 20071017

Philippines Ferdinand Marcos was attacked / removed because he went against the Rothschild -MCP 20070518
“The British Empire is hardly anything more than a front for the Rothschild family, and a lot of Jewish banking families that are inter married with the royal family and the so-called elite of Britain.” MCP 20070514

Link to all my uploads including other good channels/videos, in pdf file (28 June 2021). organized in categories. https://mega.nz/file/M1RDWYBa#q7ZmzLMbvUoR7UHaRQ020vv-4kfxvcbCNb97FH0h0T4 email [email protected]

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