The Vaccinated People Are the Problem. They have a mental problem called cognitive dissonance.

Published on Aug 2, 2021
They are so in-DOC-trinated and so brainwashed they cannot grasp what is really going on. A lady and her husband are vaccinated and both got Covid. She said her doctor (who should not have a license because he has been indoctrinated) told her without the vaccine, she would be in the hospital with her covid instead of just sick...WHAT? If you are vaccinated why are you so sick with covid? She can't wait to get her kids euthanized. I never understood what brainwashing was until this hit. Brainwashing is a truly evil but magical thing. It seems to have almost nothing to do with intelligence level but more with environment that builds and shapes a system of beliefs in an individual that is impossible for some to break away from.
Source: Jeffersonian Girl
1 million or more dead. Their screams are being silenced by the media. It is murder. It is GENOCIDE:

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