Gentiles Discover The Babylonian Talmud

Published on May 17, 2020
Quotes from The Talmud:
A Non Jew Goy=
"Cattle" aka Goyim
Referring to Non-Jews
Quotes: From the
Talmud 1- If a Jew finds
an Object Lost by a Goy:
It does Not Have to be
2- "If a Goy hits a Jew, He
Must be Killed
[Sanhedrin 58b]
3- If a Jew Kills a Goy
There Will be No Death
Penalty. [Sanhedrin 57a]
4- 'What a Jew Steals
from a Goy, He must
[Sanhedrin 57a]
5- 'All Children of the
Goyim Are Animals
[Yebamoth 98a]
5- 'If You Eat with a
Goy it's the same as
eating with a Dog'
[Yebamoth 98a Tospoth,
Jebamouth 84b]
6- 'The Gentiles are not
Humans,They are Beasts'
[Baba Mezia 114b]
7- 'Even The Best of the
Goyim Should be Killed'
[Soferim 15]
8- 'Do Not Save the
Goyim in Danger of
Death, Show NO
Mercy to the Goyim'
[Hikkoth Akum X1]
9- 'Sexual Intercourse
between the Goyim is
Like Intercourse between
Animals' [Sanhedrin 74b]
10- 'When the Messiah
Comes every Jew will
have 2800 Slaves'
Simeon fol 56D
11- 'Extermination of the
Christians is a Necessary
Sacrifice' [Zohar, Shemothj
12- 'A Jew is Forbidden to
drink from a glass of wine
which a Gentile has touched,
Because the touch has made
the wine Unclean'
[Schulchan Aruch,
Johre Deah, 122]
13- ''To Communicate
anything to a Goy about
religious relations would
be equal to the Killing of
ALL Jews,for if the Goyim
knew what we teach about
them,they would Kill us
openly'' [Libbre David 37]
14- ''A Jew may do to a non-
Jewess what he can do.
He may treat her as he
treats a piece of meat.''
Schulchan Aruch,
Choszen Hamiszpat 348]
15- 'A Jew may violate but
not marry a non-Jewish girl'
[Gad. Shas.2:2]
16- "A"prayer" or "benediction"
to be said by a Jewish man
every day: "Thank God for not
making me a Gentile, a woman
or a Slave." [Hilkkoth Akum X1]
17- "A Jew should and must
make a false oath when the
Goyim asks if our books
contain anything against
them" [Szaaloth-Utszabot,
The Book of Jore Dia 17]
Words to Remember!
There are many, many more
horrifying quotes from the
Talmud, this is just some of
them to give you a picture.
Please spread the Truth About
the "chosen people" before
the internet is shut down.
Stay Strong,
And Remember God Is On Our Side.
End Game.


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