Published on Apr 24, 2021
Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Jewish intelligence operations whose purpose is multifold. To divide Americans, to cause racial tension and in the case of the Chauvin Verdict to assist the Jewish commercial real estate investors to recover money lost from the greater sabotage of our society (covid19) that the Jewish bankers pulled to mask the theft of the money supply and pension funds by Jewish bankers. This hexagon shaped topology for ownership of the money supply serves only to obfuscate the its true owners and true purpose. This show is another piece in the puzzle of understanding of this Centuries old Jewish conspiracy to destroy our societies and suck every nickel out of our pockets. Make no mistake about it, all roads lead to Rothschild and the Jewish bankers in the ultra secretive City of London and their trillion dollar tax havens where all the shadow money paying for this destruction really is.

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