Russian Simpsons by 'Lazy Square': Ultimate Exhibition of Russian Stupid Goyim Sheeple

Published on Aug 12, 2021

Original title, 'THE SIMPSONS. Russian Art Film Version Симпсоны. Артхаусная русская версия'. Downloaded from jewtube. Produced by 'Lazy Square'. Can be also found on

This video is as good as it gets in explaining the very essence of Russian sheeple. The illiterate, degenerate and retarded eternal genetic slaves of their beloved jews. Tsars. Commie führers. Presidents. Mayors. And all the rest of them jews.

The shop dialogue:
Female customer: — You fucking little pig.
Female seller: — Fuck you.
Customer: — What a fucking female goat.

The dialogue at the end, where the soup is spilt:
Male: — What the fuck are you doing?
Female: — Fuck you.

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