Published on Jul 7, 2021
The Matador takes out another bitch ass - just beautiful

Some of these comments need archiving - please add you own below:

Note the jew speech patterns. They try to baffle people with bullshit. Speaking too fast, talking in circles, demanding evidence but providing none of their own, deny everything, and so. There is nothing to discuss with retards like that. Only force will stop these psychos.

The jew hamster wheel mind on full display. All it does is go blah blah blah zionism blah jewish homeland blah blah nazi!

What a typical talmudic black magician. Keeps demanding proof while making baseless claims. Quick talking as his serpent tongue slithers.

Best of all videos. Epic. Martinez is relentless.

i had a dream last night that I was on a college campus as a young person, throught the dream several light brown friendly a suspicious people were inquiring into me. The were very friendly, charismatic, they were jews, and despite their friendliness they were out to get me.

HaRav Kanievsky
Need the brown ones to sacrifice in battle, to protect the real jews.

Theses animals are telepathic and think they control consciousness itself by using the subconscious mind as their very own hivemind intercom system. And they do dominate consciousness because of animal herd mentality. If you all want to know what empowered these animals, read alchemy books. The emerald tablet of hermes trismegistas describes the entire work of alchemy and making the elixir of life and original universal philosopher's stone. It is made from the salt of wood and vegetation ashes mixed with the salt of soil, rich fertile soil. Purity can be gotten by 2 ways. By fire and burning, and by water and decomposition. The ancient way of fire and water. The veil will be lifted.

If Zionism justifies Jews taking over Palestine and committing genocide against the Palestinians, then Euroism should justify White people taking back Europe and kicking out all the 3rd World trash and Khazar Jews currently infesting it, while committing genocide against those who refuse to leave.

Jewboi: show me the proof, give me the sources!
Brandon: ok, here's the proof in this book, here's the sources, go look them up...
Jewboi: Show me the proof!

Wanderer's Choice
All they do is say the same excuses over and over and over.

I could be wrong but I find it hypocritical that there's a racial hierarchy within Jews in Israel. The white ashkenazi Jews are the wealthiest and most powerful Jews, then the Sephardic, then the Mizrahi/arab Jews, then the nigger Jews at the bottom (if they're allowed in).

"Give me your sources"... Martinez proceeds to list off sources...Yid "But where are your sources?"

Chaim Weizmann, and that was a fast answer dude.Jew: cAn YoU nAmE aNy BaD wAr jEwS???

Martinez: Actually! Yeah sure here, boom, boom, boom, starts naming names like a fucking brain lol good shit

Arabs live in Israel "with full dignity?" That must be why they are forced to walk through cordoned off zones with tall fences which separate them from the Jews who can walk around the streets freely with no obstructions.

Israel murders a bunch of children on the beach, then reports Israel was able to thwart a major Palestinian terrorist attack in which they were going to kick explosive soccer balls at Israel.

Ask that faggot what his ODIGO user name is!

[email protected]
Esau took his wives of the daughters of Canen gen 36.2.43. He became the father of the edomites. The jews. He commanded not to do that. Esau also took Ismael daughter as a wife. Abraham was not a jew. And geology means nothing today. There was a time when it did. Jesus turned his back on the house of judeh. The original covenant was only for The house of Israel. The new includes judeh. Jews are the fallen angel seed. Several times it says the jews are from the devil. And many things about them.

Does it get any better than that?









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