Medical Courier says Hospitals empty (Doctors afraid to talk)

Published on May 12, 2020
The Phony Croni
For those who would like to know why we are all in lockdown need to view the following video which I have uploaded to my own Bitchute channel before it gets deleted from Jutube. The original had a suspiciouse text within the description below the video that alerted me which I have coppied and pasted into the discrption on my upload. To me the text is structured in a way to signal and activate those involved in the selective loop of terrorists who have us in this slow kill lock down.
This is the text: “The 322 Communist Coup 2020” = “a bloodless war” now being applied globally.
I am not implying this young lady is involved in this planne’emic loop just because I noticed it on a video echoing her message. But what I can say is this;
We are in a Zio-Marxist/Capitalist game of dialectic psychology having been catapulted into their “bloodless war game” of; lets not blame the Muslims now” or the white power mirage, lets instead blame the Chinese and Russians! When the reality is, once again we are all being pointed in the wrong direction, although Vladamere Putin and the president of China Xi Jinping are Marxist puppets they are also involved in this coordinated Yiddish ambush while the Chinese people themselves being Goyim are unaware of the hiden hand that agitates them. Continue reading

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