Operation Keelhaul 1945 - Victorious Allies Send Millions of Anti-Communists to Their Deaths

Jew Lies Matter
Published on Oct 10, 2020
Operation Keelhaul was the deportation by brute force to concentration camps, firing squad or hangman’s noose of millions of people, mainly White, Christian ethnic Russian and other eastern Europeans who were already in the lands of freedom and under the direct control of allied forces back into the hands of the brutal dictator Stalin where he either outright murdered them or worked them to death. Few survived — millions perished. The Allies are to blame - Harold of Free Speech
A few days ago a man who could have caused my death died of cancer at the ripe age of 86. He never faced a War Crimes Tribunal. He should have, and in a just world he would have. His name was Lord Aldington, and only now did I learn he was responsible for the sheer terror my decimated family of four - grandmother, mother, younger sister and I - experienced in the brutal summer of 1945 while trapped by the Red Army in the vicinity of Berlin. - Ingrid Rimland
From 1943 until early 1947 Western countries, led by Britain and the United States, returned nearly two and a half million prisoners of war and refugees to the Soviet Union, regardless of their individual wishes. Additional thousands of old émigrés (people who had fled Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution and the Civil War) were also forcibly sent to the USSR, along with other people of Russian descent who had never lived within the borders of Russia. - Renegade Tribune.
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