Biden Attacks Farms - Comprehensive War on Global Food Supply - Engineered Famine

Published on Jan 29, 2021
Be aware! As smart as this guy is, he does not associate it to, or mention the Jew problem. His emphasis is always on the "Rockefellers"...

So lets put the Rockefellers under the spotlight!

"A book overlooked by most people and published for sale mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews). The book is entitled "The Grandees - America's Sephardic Elite." The author is Stephen Birmingham, who is recognized by the Jewish community as an expert on Jewish history."

Forecasting another "Holodomor" = Forced famine. This time on a global scale!
16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 Holodomors

The Biden admin's executive actions in the last 48 hours are attacking farms and
implementing the technocratic takeover of food, accelerating a global collapse in food
production by paying farmers NOT to grow food, cutting their financial support, tasking
Tom Vilsack's USDA with a Net-Zero goal, changing COVID guidance on grocery stores,
restaurants, and meatpacking plants. Meanwhile, the media is finally acknowledging
the soybean shortage, and the US is now also experiencing a fertilizer shortage, which
will further increase costs and cause yields will collapse. As other countries stop exporting
to protect domestic supplies, the US has been wholly sold out. This confluence of issues
and cascading failures merits our attention urgently -- start growing food today.


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While the Kaifeng and Harbin Jews = China globaly land swipe to secure the future of Communism for Israel
We need to protect and secure our future and the future of our farmers through "Autarky" before we
are completely suffocated.

National Socialism is, Protectionism, Localism, is "Autarky" "The Hereditary Farm Law
(September 29, 1933)
The national government wishes to preserve the peasantry through the ancient German
method of inheritance as the blood source of the German people.

The farms [covered by this law] shall be protected against excessive debts and breakdown through
inheritance, in order that they remain permanently as heritages of the clan and in possession of free
peasants.Attempts will be made to assure a healthy partition of the large landed estates, because
the existence of many prosperous small and medium-sized farms, distributed as equally as possible
over the entire country, offers the best guarantee for a vigorous people and state. The National
Government has, therefore, decided on the following law.

The fundamentals are:Land and forestry property of a minimum size of one soil subsistence
and a maximum of 125 hectares [just under 309 acres] makes up a Hereditary Farm,
if it is in possession of an individual belonging to the peasant class.The owner of a Hereditary Farm
is called a peasant.A peasant must be a German citizen, of German or kindred blood,
and is a man of honor.The Hereditary Farm passes without being divided to the heir
apparent.All claims of joint heirs are limited to the remaining property of the peasant.
Those descendants who are not classed as heirs apparent are to be given vocational training and
a status consonant with the capabilities of the farm; [ . . . ].
Article 2. [ . . . ] (2.) The exact amount of land is to be regarded as a soil subsistence
necessary to feed and clothe a family independently of market conditions and the
general economy and to maintain the economic life of the farm.[ . . . ]
Article 15. The peasant must be an honorable man. He must be able to work his farm in orderly fashion. [ . . . ]

Article 20. The heirs to the farms are designated in this order:
1. The sons of the testator (the sons and grandsons take the place of a deceased son);
2. The father of the testator;
3. The brothers of the testator (the sons and grandsons take the place of a deceased brother);
4. The daughters of a testator (the sons and grandsons take the place of a deceased daughter);
5. The sisters of the testator (the sons and grandsons take the place of a deceased sister);
6. The female descendants of the testator and their descendants. [ . . . ]
He who is closer to the male line of the testator excludes anyone who is more remote. In all other
cases the male line has preference. [ . . . ]

Article 31. The surviving spouse of the testator may, when self-support is impossible, demand from
the heir lifelong support on the farm in the customary circumstances. [ . . . ]

Source of English translation: Louis L. Synder, ed., Hitler’s Third Reich: A Documentary History.
Chicago: Nelson Hall, 1988, pp. 143-44.Source of original German text: Reichsgesetzblatt,
vol. I, No. 108, September 30, 1933; reprinted in Gustavo Corni, „Blut und Boden“: Rassenideologie
und Agrarpolitik im Staat Hitlers. Idstein: Schulz-Kirchner, 1994, pp. 104-09


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