MyWhiteTV - U.S. sELECTION 2020 - Who Will Win n Why

Published on Oct 31, 2020
And if you're single, give a try. I just joined. Glad I did.
* Hey, BITCHUTE: Why does it takes many hours, even a day or more, for my videos to pass your "processing" and be published for the public to view? WHY? And why did I have to delete this one and start over? WHY?
UPDATE: During the recording of the video, I couldn’t recall the names of the particular jew-Jeffrey-Epstein victims I had in mind. Here are correct names: Virginia Roberts Giuffre, with “Giuffre” being her current married name (since 2002), she was a victim, claims to have been hooked up with Prince Andrew (I had guessed “Edward” in the video), and she is leading an effort against the Epstein-Maxwell jew crimes and for other victims. Maria Farmer and Annie Farmer, sisters, were victims. Maria Farmer made the great phone-call interview with Whitney Webb, which is available on the Internet and of which I have a copy. In it, Maria is fully credible and convincing in her exposure of the jews as jews. Ghislaine Maxwell jew is daughter of the late mogul scum Robert Maxwell jew. Also, whenever I say that the jews want their poison vaccines to be mandatory for everybody, I should add: everybody but jews, of course.
MyWhiteTV: Big video here for a big subject and a big conclusion!
It’s about Donald Trump. It’s about Joe Biden. And their families. And their allegiances. And their anti-White deeds.
Which one best fits the jew agenda against us? Thus, which one will be sElected.
Also in this special episode:
* Hunter Biden, son of Joe. His life of drug addiction, in-family sexual perversions, and worldwide corporate crimes have caught the public spotlight. He deliberately videoed himself, and now everybody can see his p*rn videos with Asians, allegedly with one or both of Barack Obama’s daughters, and allegedly with his own niece while she was underage. Jews do that, folks. Jews do that.
* Kamala Harris, candidate for vice president chosen by Joe Biden. Of course, she is a jew, too. See some evidence for that conclusion here.
* Michigan’s crypto-jew governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer, her newest crime atop her ongoing crimes, and two likely fake efforts to stop her.
More effusive, shall we say, than ever before in a video, I offer a lot of nuggests along the way about "covid," history, Israel, jewry, the great Henry Ford, and much more.
Last but not least, I repeat the truism that defense alone cannot win. Defense alone always loses — in any game and certainly in war.
We’re in a war. We were born into it. We didn’t start it. The only way to win it is to stop the defense-only losing strategy and go on the Offensive to White victory.


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