DR Peter McCullough on COVID. Demand EARLY TREATMENT

Published on Aug 25, 2021
Here is a new presentation by renowned and highly published physician, Dr. Peter McCullough. I have been following this fellow for months and believe him to be the preeminent medical doctor in the United States for the early and successful OUTPATIENT treatment of Covid-19, inclusive of the Delta variant. He is also, against the DeathJab, with excellent medical data to back up his position. Most important in this speech is - he clearly defines how the CDC guidance to physicians is allowing people to get sick, and in many cases die, when early medical intervention with a variety of drugs has now proven in several studies repeatedly, to be very successful. I encourage everyone to watch and share this with friends, so that if you get sick, you will know what to demand - for yourself or others. Most medical doctors now will do NOTHING for you, until you are sick enough to go to the hospital. That will set you up for the worst case scenario. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. DEMAND EARLY TREATMENT as defined by Dr. McCullough and others. This video is probably the most important video you will watch all year. Please give it a look. Wishing good health to all of you!


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