STATE OF OUR STATE: Dianna Ploss Presents - Jim, Joe and Diane, June 25, 2022

Published on Jun 26, 2022
ROE V WADE: ABORTION, The Kosher Slaughter (from DKK)

From Incogman. Article by Jayne Gardner (below), Forward by James Matthew Cantu: The evil Talmudic take on abortion is that it is permissible at any stage of a pregnancy up until birth, and newborns up until they are 30 days old aren’t even considered human beings, especially if they’re gentiles, and if that child dies within the first month of life it is of no consequence. Of course in this patriarchal society the feelings of the mother are not considered as being of consequence when one gets to the legal level. Also, goyim or gentiles, are never truly considered human beings by the rabbis, since according to the Talmud, especially a gentile woman is as a beast of the fields and deserving of no special treatment in pregnancy.

The abortion movement is the brainchild of, financed from, and led by Jews. Since 1973 upwards of 50 million babies have been killed through abortion. A truly hellish and contemporary form of ritual child murder, the same charge they bewailed as slander for centuries but this time it’s on a mindbogglingly massive scale. The following article lays it all out and is a who’s who of murderous abortionist Jews and their likely accomplices, groups like the ADL, ACLU, and the usual Jewish filth and slime in your local, state, and federal government. With the total domination of all forms of media by the Jewish Criminal Network and with almost all media personalities being agents of that group it is not at all surprising that they support the abortion industry overwhelmingly.

With that kind of control over the ready sheep who buy their media poisons it is easy to push their agenda on an unsuspecting public who fall for the idea that there is a “choice” in the murder of the unborn.

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