Madd Cold - How The Hooks Hook

Published on Nov 17, 2021
The song that angered the B'nai B'rith (ADL) so much that it shot Madd Cold into a grueling court case that lasted for a little over a year.
The ninth track on Eternally Husseini Volume 1 (2017)
Madd Cold's political analysis website:
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How The Hooks Hook?! How the Jews
Let me show you exactly what the Jews do!
They want the “Goy” destroyed, this the
They hate White, they hate Black, and they hate Brown
They hate Olive, they hate Yellow and they hate Red
Best of the “Goyim” should be killed, that’s what they said
Let me show you the truth, from their crook books
Shocked to your bones when you know How The Hooks Hook
Some walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I walk through the valley of the
shadowy Jews/in my Ballies, staging rallies, tallying up their crimes ‘cause they’re badly
removed/from reality, in actuality they’re travesties and more like a living, breathing,
demon malady too/So we gots to confront the beast and I does it with my valiant crew/
Plus they know brothers and sisters, named Hassan, Muhammad, Hans, Jamal, Mark,
Max, Mack, Jack, Sally and Sue/Germans, Belgians, Brits, Irishmen and Italians too/We
ain’t down with colonialism here so if you ain’t either, let’s attack these creatures who are
acting like aggy baboons, searching madly for food/And then get that Black-White-Divide,
hacked right to a half pint in size and run roughshod so hard on these crabby Yahoud, you
nah mean?!/White Supremacy and bigotry are very much present but presently, what
affects us much more heavily is the Pig-Yid-Squids at the top of the pyramid/And if you
think not yo, then drop it yo, here it is/Go to university and peep the lucid perfidy,
Professor Weinsteinfarbberg tells you, “cracker this, cracker that!”, and what to do for
stopping it/but if you say, “Professor Jew! What about you and your family’s role in the
Slave Trade boo?!” then you lose your scholarship/You think the rulers gonna teach you
ideologies that guide you properly in movements of revolution to remove ‘em from their
ruthless profiting/off the honest labor of the “Goyim” then you must be a stupid
communist/Or just stupid, already doomed to a Zio-designed, television-advertised whiteand-blue sarcophagus/And don’t start with the “fascist” and “anti-Semite” smears ‘cause
it’s too monotonous/You don’t even know what Jewish doctrine is/So don’t get smacked for
your imprudent gossiping/Welcome to the anti-Yahoudi beauty, it is so true and
populist/True as the moon when it’s full at night, music is more full of life than Falasteeni
Yaffa orange juice you consume to wash down the toum and the foul and olives with/
Looking down through history, y’all know who the powerful smite/And I don’t need the
Voltaire quote to show you, criticizing the vampires who can’t be criticized is exactly how
you get knifed


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