Part 2 - A World of Division: A World Gone Mad"

Published on Jun 10, 2022
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I’d like to ask you a question that you probably think you know the answer to: Who are you?

It should be easy to answer. Yet it is being twisted into a source of conflict and rage and wielded as an instrument of societal suicide. Because, while you might THINK you know who you are, legions of social engineers, academic intellectuals, professional protesters and grievance profiteers are prepared to TELL you who you are--whether you agree with them or not. By defining FOR you YOUR OWN identity, they seek to define who you must support, who you must resist, who your allies are, who your enemies are, the morality you are supposed to adopt, and WHAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO THINK. And, in a postmodern culture where objective truth has been shown the door, your “identity” now includes labels, concepts, categories, and definitions that are completely uprooted from reality.

The result is what we see around us: the madness of confusion, conflict, and chaos.

Welcome to a World of Division.

You’ve seen for yourself, haven’t you? Riots in our cities, in which buildings and businesses are torched by protestors and anarchists. Public libraries turned over to drag queens so they can promote their lifestyle. Videos of professors shouted down in their own classrooms. People in the capitalistic, democratic West promoting communism and Marxism. People who claim to be against fascism using tools of fascists. Extended public debates, lawsuits, and legislation over men and women’s bathrooms.

WHAT IS GOING ON? These examples and others may seem unrelated--after all, what does a man dressed as a woman in a California library have to do with racial-tension protests at a Washington university?

But all of this madness IS interrelated. In distancing ourselves from God--from His truths, His laws, and His way of life, and from the life-changing teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ--we have substituted our own ideologies to fill the void.

Since the twentieth century, we’ve seen the rise of POSTMODERNISM--which claims that there are no OBJECTIVE TRUTHS, OBJECTIVE MORALS, or OBJECTIVE FACTS… The only thing truly real to today’s postmodernists is YOUR PERSONAL INTERPRETATION--you may have heard a celebrity talk about “speaking YOUR truth”… Not “the” truth. Welcome to postmodernism.

Then there are IDENTITY POLITICS and MARXIST CRITICAL THEORIES, which seek to recast human civilization as nothing more than a constant struggle for power. For instance, CRITICAL RACE THEORY is currently all the rage, redefining ALL of society as a continuous POWER CONFLICT between races that are oppressed and races seeking to oppress them.

In many ways, the endless division we see around us is the offspring of the polygamous union of godless ideologies such as these.

In a healthy world, God’s word--HIS standards, HIS commands, HIS truth, and HIS way of life--would guard against these excesses of human imagination. But with an astonishing vigor, mankind is passionately pursuing the experiment that began when Adam and Eve first ate the forbidden fruit: Recreating the world according to our own fancy and whim--based not on reality, but on nothing more than what WE decide is true and right.

But God’s view of reality IS REALITY. Any way we seek to define ourselves that is not fundamentally rooted in how HE sees us will be built on little more than delusion and lies.

Look at a simple matter that has become more divided than earlier generations could have imagined: gender and sexuality. Once upon a time, our understanding of this was rooted in God’s design. Genesis tells us that God made humanity male and female, and each desired the other.

Now, virtually any form of sexuality at all is considered acceptable, and limiting genders to “male” and “female” is considered archaic, bigoted, and abusive!

Instead of a simple division of humanity into men and women, each a sexual match for the other, now we need diagrams and teaching tools, such as the “Gender Unicorn,” devised by the organization Trans Student Educational Resources. From the Gender Unicorn, we learn that society needs even more divisions--after all, there is your Gender Identity--male, female, or “other”--but also your Gender Expression, which can be different. Thirdly, there is the gender you are physically attracted to, which can differ from the gender you are emotionally attracted to. Then, finally, a fifth source of division is the sex you are assigned at birth. As the Gender Unicorn teaches, there are at least three categories of each--Male, Female, or Other--so we’ve moved from a division of two to a division of FIFTEEN.

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