PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Marine Le Pen EXPOSED [English] | Zionism and Israel

Published on Jun 2, 2020
[English subtitles] Exposing Marine Le Pen links to Pro-Israel lobbies, Zionists and Freemasons: Marine Le Pen is neither anti-establishment nor is her party the National Front anti-Jewish as is often reported. In fact, Marine Le Pen is not even anti-EU per se, as she stated leaving the EU "was never her project" and like many hopeful candidates across Europe she intends to "renegotiate the treaties". [1]

Here we bring up some of the lesser-known facts about the 2017 presidential candidate of France Marine Le Pen and her party 'Le Front National', which has functioned as controlled opposition from the time it was promoted by left-wing president Mitterand, [2] and show how it is completely in line with the pro-Israel anti-Muslim agenda of the clash of civilisations.

Also, make sure you check other videos on this channel particularly the one exposing Geert Wilders (incidentally a 'far-right' ally of Marine Le Pen) as a Zionist agent pushing for more wars for Israel:

Finally, a good deal of research had to be done in order to make this video, so thank you for watching. Please comment responsibly.

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~Verdant Servant

PS: Note that due to copyright restrictions, it was impossible to include the video segment where Pierrette Le Pen, mother of Marine Le Pen, reveals the sources of the funding of Jean-Marie Le Pen and that her daughter is not anti-Jewish because her first boyfriend was also Jewish.
1: Citations at:
2: Roland Dumas, Minister of Foreign Affairs under Mitterand, on French television on May 4th 2011.


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