Jew Kills Jew In An Occupied Christian Palestinian Village

Published on Oct 15, 2021
On 24/8/2021 a 15 Years old Jew has stabbed another 17 years old jew Shimon Allush to death in Shlomi Town , Israel aka JSIL , both of them are residents to Shlomi , however Shlomi itself was established on the ruins of " Al Bassa" village which was a Palestinian Christian village . Jewish terror groups Stormed the Palestinian Christian village set it on ruins and expelled all Christians at gun point , all the Christian land owners lost their properties and became refugees in the Dbyaeh refugee camp in Lebanon , their daughters , sons and grand sons were born in this refugee camp , which still exist till this day and most of it's residents are living under poverty lines despite being land owners with wealthy properties in occupied Palestine , but someone else have steal it from then and settled themselves on the Christian land of al Bassa ( modern day Shlomi) .


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