Jim and Diane, Update, Oct 26, 2021

Published on Oct 27, 2021
*** Diane's son-in-law priorly from active duty to the reserves, is now 100% OUT of the military. We've heard that refusing the VAX mandate results in a DIShonorable discharge. Again, NOT always the case (fearmongering ... AGAIN). He was honorably discharged. We're so glad he's out from under their wretched thumb.
*** Fearmongering in weather and the reality (keep track).
*** Reviewing Videos and BitChute Comments,
*** Emily Youcis - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/uolzrfAIpkAV/
******Black Crime Matters
******Spanish Teen Ignites Global Controvery.
******Tom Jewns Parody
*** Leaving the Blue States for the Red States
*** World Wide Radio
*** Hitler vs Churchill, M.S. King
*** Holocaust Denier/Contender = antisemitism.
*** Alec Baldwin movie set Shooting incident.

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