Contradictions in the New Testament - Professor Bart D. Ehrman

Published on Sep 30, 2021
Ladies and Gentlemen. MythVision Podcast just dropped an interview with Dr. Bart D. Ehrman that is going to go viral. Christian apologist, Jonathan McClatchie, has been taking pot-shots at Dr. Ehrman with a series of hit pieces aimed at discrediting him as a professional scholar. Well, I got Dr. Ehrman’s detailed response in the can. We roasted all of the Christian apologists doing gymnastics routines to harmonize the New Testament. You don’t want to miss this!

Dr. Ehrman compares Apollonius of Tyanna to Jesus. Did Jesus condone slavery? What was the growth rate of Christianity in its earliest decades? How many Christians defected the movement when the promised predictions failed? Is Bart Ehrman secretly a Mythicist?

Thanks to Stephen Nelson for all of his hard work putting together the slides, delving into the Greek and discovering Jonathan McLatchie's mistake. If only he had more time to fact check all of McLatchie's points! Who knows how many other mistakes he has made when taking pot-shots on Dr. Ehrman.

Jonathan McLatchie's 3 pot-shots
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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0:00 - Introduction & thanks to donors2:54 - Parallels between Apollonius of Tyanna & Jesus 6:46 - Who was Lucian of Samosata
9:20 - Did Morton Smith forge The Secret Gospel of Mark
12:56 - What was the growth rate of Christianity in it’s earliest decades?
15:47 - When the promises failed, how many Christians defected from the movement?
21:27 - Did Jesus endorse slavery?
29:00 - Dr. Bart Ehrman, are you secretly a Mythicist?
32:51 - Textual Criticism Bart D. Erhman
41:56 - Jonathan McLatchie - Homoteleuton & his 3 scathing apologist blogs about Dr. Bart D. Ehrman
45:53 - The voice at Jesus Baptism (Contradiction)
49:41 - Matthew’s Dual Donkey’s (contradiction)
55:23 - When was the curtain in the temple ripped (Contradiction)
1:00:29. - Jesus Miracles in John (Contradiction)
1:04:11. - How many women went to the tomb? (Contradiction)
1:07:21. - Does Acts contradict Paul regarding his visit to Jerusalem & number of visits to Jerusalem? (Contradiction)
1:23:12. - James vs Paul (Ephesians) “forgery vs forgery”, when does the madness end?
1:25:36. - Dr. Jason Staples work on Israel

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