Holy Cross Mountains Brigade NSZ. Polish Partisan Heroes of World War II that joined general Patton!

Published on Sep 11, 2021
I invite you for another great story about modern history of Poland and World War II!

This time I will tell you the story of Holy Cross Mountains Brigade heroes of the World War II coming from NSZ - The National Armed Forces underground movement in Poland occupied by Germans.

They were the only polish anticommunist partisan unit that passed through the German lines and joined the Third US Army in west of the Czech Republic. In may 1945 the Brigade liberated the German Nazi concetration camp in Czech Holýšov rescuing more than 1000 women prisoners and saving lifes of 280 jewish women, that the SS planned to kill.
For their act of courage they have beeen personally honored by the famous US Army General George S. Patton!

The Holy Cross Mountains Brigade (in polish Brygada Świętokrzyska) was formed in summer of 1944 by elite partisan units of the underground National Armed Forces (Narodowe Sił Zbrojne). The commander was Colonel Antoni Szacki nickname „Bohun”.
The Brigade was anticommunist, they fought against both enemies of the Polish, Germans and Soviets. The origin of the Brigade comes from the Lizard Union a nationalist and patriotic underground resistance movement against the German and Soviet occupation of Poland in september 1939.

An intro to the story about Holy Cross Mountains Brigade will be a tale about polish nationalist and patriot movement in the 1930s

We will also take on the black legend of the brigade that was caused by communist historical writing of biased reporting and introduction of fabricated, exaggerated and decontextualized facts about the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade. Those lies and fabricated facts are being told for the last 75 years by Soviet and communist propaganda and are still continued by some leftist organisations and media in Poland, Russia and Czechia.

We will tell true facts about the heroes of the Holy Cross Mountain Brigade including heroic partisans and underground leaders including Antoni Szacki „Bohun”, "silent-unseen" "cichociemny" paratrooper Leonard Zub-Zdanowicz „Ząb”, Władysław Marcinkowski „Jaxa”, Władysław Kołaciński „Żbik” and Henryk Figuro-Podhorski „Step”.

We will finish the story with the post World War II fate of the soldiers of the Brigade. The repression they have to suffer in case of return to PRL - Poland ruled by the communist regime, and the hunt of soviet agents for officers of the Brigade. Including assasination attempts against colonel "Bohun" in the 1950's.
Thanks God some soldiers survived until the fall of the communism and downfall of the Soviet Empire. In the 90's they were able to tell their story to the new generation, and now it is our turn to spread this heroic tale in the world.

What is also important to understand, the Holy Cross Mountain Brigade wanted to join the Polish armed forces in the West especially the 2nd Polish Corps of General Władysław Anders fighting on the Italy front together with the British against Germans.

After the Polish defeat in 1939 to German forces, many polish soldiers and civilians flocked to western europe to ensure they could continue the fight.

They would form ‘the Polish Armed Forces in the West’ therefore emphasising a continuity of Poland and hope of liberation.

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I used part of the memoirs of Colonel Antoni Szacki "Bohun": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoMV37uuZRI

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