The Edict of Expulsion of 1290, expelling Jews from England Intro Geoffrey Smith & Arnold Leese

Published on Aug 12, 2021
I add some information to this paper, which was written sometime in the 1960s. Firstly, the number of times the Jews of been expelled from countries, mostly in Europe, is at least 1,031 times, refer to my PDF, or my channel for links to the full list starting from 1200 BC in Egypt. Secondly, the first recorded event of Jewish ritual murder, dates back to 169 B.C. -- "King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the plundering of the Temple of Jerusalem, found a Greek, lying on a bed, in a secret chamber. He begged the King to rescue him. When he began to beg, the attendants told him that a secret law commanded the Jews to sacrifice human beings at a certain time annually. They therefore searched for a stranger, which they could get in their power. They attended him, led him into the woods, sacrificed him, ate some of his flesh, drank some of his blood, and threw the remains of his body into a ditch." (reference is, Josephus, Jewish historian, Contra Apionem). Note, this event occurred 169 years before Christ. Every single Greek should be aware of this fact, and do as the jews do, which is [never forgive, and never forget!] .
Also very important that it seems that the main 2 reasons why jews have been expelled from countries, over 1,000 times, is due to their parasitical money lending practices in combination with their Jewish Ritual Murder criminal and barbaric practices, as I had stated in my upload ‘The jews and ritual murders of Christian babies, 1911’.
When listening or reading this paper, notice how some jews make effective use of their techniques to wage war with words, which they began using in 589 B.C. e.g. they use the word ‘allegation’ to cast down on their murderous actions.
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