White Privilege Does Not Exist in America

Published on Mar 22, 2021
My wife found this video on JewTube from 'Lasse Burholt' titled "BLM can make fun of dead Patriots without being censored" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMZg74y0gTo

I used a couple clips showing that degenerate drug-using criminal Freemason George Floyd resisting arrest, swallowing drugs to avoid charges & also tossing drugs to also avoid said drug charges during the roadside stop/arrest/search.

After watching this entire video if you still think that White Privilege exists in America, you're sadly mistaken... Hell, I just recently posted a video of a beta cuck white idiot holding a Black Lives Matter sign in the most "Racist Town in America" (its the hometown for the KKK headquarters office) and NOTHING adverse happens to him aside form a stern talking to by some residents. Comparatively if a beta cuck black idiot was dropped off in Flint, Michigan or something and held a sign up proudly saying "White Lives Matter" I would bet every cent to my name that he'd be violently attacked within only 20 minutes of standing there with the sign (if he even made it that far) ... You see, this has been progressive in America and the disgusting Neo-Marxist Jews pushing their favorite Bolshevism for the Goyim (not themselves though, you see, they still practice their Orthodox Judaism which is just the Luciferian Doctrine with a Kabalistic spin on it) has only fueled this Cultural Race War. The blacks have been WEAPONIZED against the Whites!

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